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SoftIron unveils VM Squared: a user-friendly VMWare alternative
Fri, 22nd Mar 2024

SoftIron, a prominent figure in the realm of true private cloud infrastructure, has unveiled its latest innovation: VM Squared. This virtualization platform aims to revolutionize the virtualization landscape by offering a blend of simplicity and functionality, presenting itself as a compelling alternative to VMware's vSphere suite.

In a recent statement, Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron, highlighted the growing demand for alternatives to VMware, stating, "Analysts tell us one in five enterprises are looking for a real alternative to VMware." VM Squared, according to Straw, builds upon SoftIron's expertise in True Private Cloud to provide a modern virtualization solution that promises swift installation, with the platform claiming to be deployable in less than 30 minutes.

The motivation behind VM Squared stems from the recognition that the complexity tolerated in the past is no longer acceptable in today's rapidly evolving IT landscape. With enterprises increasingly embracing the simplicity of public cloud environments, SoftIron identified a pressing need for a virtualization platform that mirrors this modern approach. VM Squared is designed to address this need with a range of features aimed at simplifying deployment, management, and scalability.

Key features of VM Squared include its streamlined user interface, which offers a modern cloud-like experience with intuitive controls and automation features aimed at reducing operational overhead. Moreover, the platform promises to eliminate barriers to scale, offering a seamless upgrade path to a fully-featured private cloud solution.

SoftIron's track record in delivering true private cloud experiences is exemplified by its flagship offering, HyperCloud. Recognized as the only True Private Cloud on the market, HyperCloud has earned praise for its ability to deliver sovereign data compliance and security. With VM Squared, SoftIron extends the benefits of HyperCloud to the virtualization realm, enabling organizations to leverage its unique features within their virtualized environments.

Notable features inherited from HyperCloud include multitenancy support, cloud billing integration, and cloud scalability features, all aimed at enhancing the efficiency and agility of virtualized environments. Additionally, VM Squared boasts a straightforward management experience, offering a modern UI and streamlined deployment processes.

The launch of VM Squared underscores SoftIron's commitment to innovation and simplicity in the virtualization space. As industry voices chime in with their support, it's evident that VM Squared has struck a chord with organisations seeking a straightforward alternative to traditional virtualization solutions.

Thomas Gilsenan, President of DZ Solutions, hailed VM Squared as an enticing alternative, praising its simplicity and flexible deployment options. Similarly, Mark Matheson, CEO at Distributed Technology Group, commended the platform's ease of installation and migration tools, stating that it addresses the needs of clients evaluating options for their VMware environments.

With VM Squared, SoftIron continues to push the boundaries of virtualization, offering a compelling solution for organisations navigating the complexities of modern IT infrastructure. As the demand for simplicity and agility grows, VM Squared stands ready to provide a seamless path towards a more streamlined virtualization experience.