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World Backup Day triggers call for holistic cybersecurity overhaul
Sat, 30th Mar 2024

World Backup Day is a unique opportunity for organisations to assess both their backup strategies and broader cybersecurity measures. Notable tech industry leaders have called for an overhaul of traditional security approaches, focusing particularly on the transition to hardware-based solutions and advocating for zero-trust protocols.

Camellia Chan, CEO and co-founder of Flexxon, promotes an active approach towards cybersecurity. "While making a copy of all your important files is certainly a good thing, it won't protect you from cybercriminals. With 90% of the world's data created in the last two to three years, there's an enormous amount of it needing to be protected," said Chan. She pushes for the amalgamation of hardware-based security with existing software measures, believing in its potential to respond to threats swiftly and lessen the fallout from data loss and theft.

Anthony Cusimano, Technical Director at Object First, has identified three significant opportunities for the advancement of backup strategy. "The first is Zero Trust. Implementing a Zero Trust Data Resilience strategy that underlines data backup systems with immutable storage, contextual authentication, and strong access controls is key for enterprises to heighten their security posture against data attacks." The other two areas of action he considers vital are encryption and immutable backups. According to Cusimano, these measures ensure data safety and impose restrictions on data alteration or deletion by malicious entities.

Meanwhile, Mark Stockley, Senior Threat Researcher at Malwarebytes, highlights the potential threats posed by generative AI. "Forecasts suggest that 2024 will mark a significant surge in the integration of AI to enhance organisational efficiency. However, the emergence of generative AI could also streamline the creation of sophisticated phishing campaigns, potentially empowering attackers to target a larger number of organisations with their assaults," Stockley said.

Stockley advocates for the rigorous testing of backups, suggesting five key questions organisations need to answer on World Backup Day. These queries revolve around the relevance, safety, reliability, and restoration process of backed-up data. He urged organisations to focus on their existing technology's ability to detect and fend off ransomware attacks while considering backups as an essential last resort.

In current times, when data loss and cyber theft are becoming increasingly prevalent, industry leaders' advice on World Backup Day prompts businesses to consider comprehensive data protection strategies beyond simple backup measures.