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HPNow's GOgen tech revolutionises sustainable data centre water treatment
Fri, 26th Jan 2024

The pressure for sustainable practices in numerous industries establishes a growing necessity for innovative and effective solutions that align with international sustainability goals. According to a detailed whitepaper, circular data centre water treatment using HPNow's patented GOgen technology presents a groundbreaking response to these needs. By using HPNow’s GOgen systems, data centres could achieve enhanced sustainability, improved safety, and various operational benefits above traditional water treatment methods. These benefits ensure optimised water use, decreased chemical use, and minimised risks, all contributing to a resilient and sustainable operational framework.

Historically, water treatment methods in data centres have strongly depended on chemicals or chemical generation systems, like chlorine. While these methods have been effective, they pose substantial challenges related to environmental impact and operational safety. Additional hurdles emerge from high water consumption and the potential for environmental pollution caused by the use of traditional biocides and chemicals. The over-reliance on chemicals can also escalate operating costs, negatively impacting the overall efficiency of data centre cooling systems.

A sustainable alternative to these outdated methods is the on-site generation of hydrogen peroxide, a 'Green Oxidant', which forms a part of HPNow's GOgen systems. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a powerful oxidizer with well-known water sanitation properties, effortlessly transitioning into a popular water treatment agent. In comparison to traditional chemical treatments like chlorine, H2O2 is a safer, more environmentally friendly solution. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and releases no detrimental byproducts, thereby substantially reducing the chances of corrosion.

HPNow’s GOgen systems generate green peroxide from only water and electricity through a patented electrochemical process. The green peroxide produced is then included in the data centre water treatment loop, acting as a powerful oxidizer. The absence of chemicals means transporting hazardous materials is avoided, substantially diminishing the associated carbon footprint. Post-utilisation, the green peroxide reverts to water and oxygen, leaving no trace in the environment. This approach significantly reduces dependency on harmful chemicals, thus lessening environmental impact, and adheres to sustainability objectives.

Besides environmental benefits, using HPNow’s GOgen systems increases workplace safety by eliminating risks associated with handling, storing, and transporting hazardous chemicals. The systems produce green peroxide on-site, on-demand, and at a safe concentration of 1%, akin to personal care products available at pharmacies. This fact reinforces workplace safety and minimises corrosion on data centre components.

Supply security is another benefit GOgen brings to data centre water treatment processes. By generating green peroxide on-site, dependence on external suppliers is eradicated, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted supply of treatment compounds. The independence from external supplies enhances operational resilience and safeguards against vulnerabilities that link with unforeseen supply chain disruptions or fluctuations.

Adopting on-site peroxide generation using GOgen for data centre water treatment presents notable advantages that align with modern sustainability and safety objectives. Data centres that choose to embrace this innovative technology can look forward to a future where operational excellence and sustainability coexist seamlessly - a needed progression towards optimised operational practices that minimise environmental impacts and enhance safety protocols.