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Equinix boosts energy efficiency in Hong Kong data centres with airflow innovation
Fri, 8th Dec 2023

Equinix, the global digital infrastructure company, historically known for contributing substantial business innovations, has introduced a set of best practices for airflow optimisation and management.

This initiative is aimed at improving energy efficiency in data centres with a set of best practices for optimal airflow management. The encouraging endeavour comes in response to the burgeoning demand for data centres, spurred by Hong Kong's robust digitisation efforts.

The trajectory of this initiative aligns seamlessly with Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2050, emphasising a sustainable approach by mitigating overall electrical consumption in data centres.

Equinix's project, supported by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), seeks to optimise the airflow in data centre halls and bolster the overall energy efficiency in the data centre sector.

The project introduced a new suite of airflow management practices designed to stabilise the hall environment, enhance cooling conditions, decrease operations costs, and reduce air conditioning energy wastage in Hong Kong's data centres.

Max Parry, Interim Managing Director, Hong Kong, Equinix, highlights the company's dedication towards responsible and sustainable growth. "Equinix is committed to preserving our collective future by continually advancing the sustainability of our global platform, and by driving best practices into the wider industry," Parry stated.

Equinix has extended this improvement initiative since 2022, centreing on separating supply and return air streams. The company designed a set of systematic procedures to ensure continuous airflow optimisation and recorded plausible air conditioning energy savings, making the undertaking feasible in improving data centres' ability to maximise energy resources.

Ka Wing Tang, Director, Cross-functional, IBX Operations, Hong Kong, Equinix, confirmed that the company, in collaboration with PolyU and CLP Power, will continue to seek new energy conservation methods that align with Equinix's sustainability goals and climate-neutral commitments.

CLP Power Director of Customer Success and Sales, Dr Anthony Lo, affirms their commitment to supporting low-carbon transformations and Hong Kong's vision of carbon neutrality.

The collaboration with Equinix and PolyU indicates the first study result released under their in-depth energy analysis program aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and reducing operation costs.

The project indications reveal that proper airflow optimisation is a crucial starting point in achieving higher energy efficiency, potential cost savings, reduced carbon emissions and improved cooling system performance. Power usage effectively decreased by nearly 30% after introducing the best practice.

"By optimising airflow in data centre halls, we have not only achieved significant energy savings but also contributed to enhancing the overall efficiency and environmental responsibility of the data center industry," stated Prof Christopher Chao from PolyU.