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Nasuni expands AWS collaboration with launch of Edge for Amazon S3
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

Nasuni has announced an expanded collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the form of Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3. The momentum behind AI and Machine Learning (ML) applications is gaining pace quickly, with a forecast from Gartner predicting that AI spending will shoot up from just 8% in 2023 to a colossal 35% by 2027. With the mass adoption of AI and ML by businesses large and small, simplified storage for vast quantities of data has rapidly become an imperative, Nasuni states.

In response to this demand, Nasuni has launched Edge for Amazon S3 to serve as a single, unified platform to improve data access and delivery times, while simultaneously ensuring low-latency access, vital for data-intensive edge workloads. This brings much-needed high-performance yet straightforward data services to the enterprise sector. Rapid file access is an absolute necessity across a broad spectrum of industries including, but not limited to, manufacturing, real estate, engineering, construction, and healthcare. These sectors all generate large volumes of data from remote locations with bandwidth restrictions; this performance necessity validates the existence of Amazon S3.

This product launch comes quickly in the wake of the introduction of Nasuni IQ, a further development to the Nasuni File Data Platform, designed to help businesses handle, evaluate and prepare their unstructured data environments for AI. With Nasuni Edge now being made available for Amazon S3, it offers a solution that gives enterprises unprecedented acceleration to data access and delivery times, ensuring critical low-latency access for applications at the edge.

Alex Serban, Senior Manager of Site Reliability and Operations at Electronic Arts confirmed, "Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3 provides us with the capability to seamlessly interact with Nasuni. This approach enhances our operational efficiency and establishes a standardised process, boosting performance and speeding software build distribution to teams around the globe. This is instrumental in accelerating delivery of games to the global market."

Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3 addresses specific needs for IT professionals, infrastructure managers, IT architects, and ITOps teams who are driven to boost application performance and data-driven workflow processes. The solution entitles application developers to read and write via the Amazon S3 API to a global namespace supported by an Amazon S3 bucket from multiple endpoints located within AWS Local Zones, AWS Outposts, and on-premises environments.

The unique features of Nasuni Edge include local performance at the edge, allowing customers to deploy the solution wherever high performance with low latency is required. Multiple protocol read/write scenarios account for access to data requirements beyond Amazon S3. Finally, Nasuni extends file management scenarios, necessary for classification and compliance, by supporting an extended number of tags and the size of file metadata.

"Nasuni has been a long-time AWS partner, and this collaboration delivers the simplest solution for modernising an enterprise's existing file infrastructure. With Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3, businesses can support legacy workloads while also benefitting from modern Amazon S3-based applications," commented President of Nasuni, David Grant. In sum, this guarantee of fast access to data combined with vast capacity for data ingestion spells fresh opportunities for innovation and profound new insights through integration with third-party AI services.