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MongoDB introduces Atlas Vector Search & Search Nodes for next-gen applications
Tue, 5th Dec 2023

Database software company MongoDB has made MongoDB Atlas Vector Search and MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes generally available, aiming to facilitate organisations and developers in securely building, deploying, and scaling next-gen applications whilst reducing costs.

MongoDB Atlas Vector Search streamlines the secure building of real-time generative AI applications, thus enhancing user experiences with accuracy and personalisation. Concurrently, MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes offer dedicated infrastructure, enabling generative AI and relevance-based search workloads to scale with increased speeds of up to 60% faster during queries. These nodes minimise the complexity associated with traditional methods, offering operational efficiency and ease of use instead.

Auckland-based Pathfinder Labs is among the customers utilising these features. The tech company, which provides tools to law enforcement to combat child exploitation, can now build and scale next-generation applications more efficiently. CEO of Pathfinder Labs, Bree Atkinson, believes the capabilities will critically impact reducing investigation latency and swiftly apprehending perpetrators.

Bree Atkinson said, We are committed to delivering investigators the most advanced tools, and we cannot accept delays in removing a child from harm due to investigations being overwhelmed by large amounts of disparate data. When every minute impacts a child's well-being, these tools must enable investigators to navigate data challenges and rapidly apprehend perpetrators swiftly." 

"By using MongoDB Atlas, we're able to make data-driven decisions swiftly, boosting our productivity and decision-making speed. And with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search, we don't have to incorporate multiple tools to achieve AI-powered semantic search functionality. Now, we can handle it all from a single platform that delivers the scale and performance we require with less complexity and operational overhead," said Atkinson. 

MongoDB's Chief Product Officer, Sahir Azam, explained MongoDB's intentions with the new offerings. Many MongoDB customers, including startups and large enterprises across the globe, have expressed their desire to exploit the generative AI and relevance-based search capabilities in developing next-generation applications that can offer personalised customer engagement, increase automation efficiency, and promote new product development.

Sahir Azam said, "Customers of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises around the world, tell us they want to take advantage of generative AI and relevance-based search to build next-generation applications that reimagine how businesses find ways to deeply personalise engagement with their customers, drive increased efficiency through automation, and propel new product development."

"But these customers know that complexity is the enemy of speed, and the choice of a database is fundamental to ensuring not just the success of an application but also how fast it can be built, deployed, and continually updated with the flexibility and scale needed to meet shifting end-user demands." 

"With the general availability of MongoDB Atlas Vector Search and MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes, we're making it even easier for customers to use a unified, fully managed developer data platform to seamlessly build, deploy, and scale modern applications and provide end users with the types of personalised, AI-powered experiences that save them time and keep them engaged," said Azam.