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Equinix launches digital infrastructure services in Mumbai
Tue, 9th Jan 2024

Equinix, a global digital infrastructure company, has announced the launch of Equinix Metal and Equinix Network Edge in Mumbai, India.

The deployment of these cutting-edge digital services, along with Equinix Fabric, will provide modern enterprises in India an automated and “as-a-service” method to build their core infrastructure, the company states. They will also take advantage of international reach, interconnected ecosystems and cloud adjacency available on Platform Equinix.

According to the IDC Future of Digital Infrastructure 2022 Global Sentiment Survey, nearly 40% of Indian enterprises view the availability of consumption-based models as a critical factor when deciding where to deploy their workloads.

Equinix states it aims to empower digital leaders in India to consume interconnected infrastructure with the control of physical hardware and the reduced overhead and enhanced developer experience of the cloud, helping them move faster in today's competitive environment.

Manoj Paul, Managing Director, Equinix India, says, "In today's digital landscape, business success is intricately tied to agility, efficiency and adaptability. Equinix Metal and Equinix Network Edge, along with the cloud ecosystem on Platform Equinix, will enable our customers needing a presence in Mumbai to turn up their IT infrastructure in minutes without owning or needing to deploy any physical infrastructure."

Customers will enjoy the benefits of high performance and optimised network throughput using secured and 100% private bare metal servers adjacent to their cloud infrastructure.

They can also leverage DevOps integrations, Kubernetes support and a rich API for automation and orchestration of their infrastructure. The offering is flexible, reliable, and efficient enough to power enterprise applications, whether a single server, a full cluster, or a hybrid cloud solution is needed.

Nirvana Labs, which recently subscribed to Equinix Metal in Mumbai, bears testimony to this. Devin Bandara, CEO of Nirvana Labs, shared, "Equinix's advanced interconnection services offer our clients seamless interfacing capabilities with other cloud providers. Equally important to us is Equinix's commitment to green initiatives, which aligns with our vision for a sustainable web3 ecosystem."

Equinix Network Edge, an open-source, x86-based infrastructure platform, offers a virtual network function (VNF) services ecosystem. This enables enterprises to deploy virtual network services predictably, build large-scale virtual infrastructure deployment and strategies, and take advantage of the best cloud connectivity, the company states.

Companies can also deploy network services faster, reach more markets, and cover a wide geographic area, including countries where physical hardware deployment can be challenging.

An extensive selection of VNFs, including routers, firewalls, load balancers, and SD-WAN edge devices, from a range of vendors, is offered by Equinix. The Forrester Total Economic Impact study on Equinix Digital Services suggests organisations using Equinix Metal, Network Edge, and Equinix Fabric can expect a 142% return on investment for Digital Services and a 60% decrease in internal data infrastructure costs, among other benefits.