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DE-CIX launches carrier-neutral enterprise partner program
Wed, 13th Mar 2024

DE-CIX, the world's leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, has launched the first enterprise partner programme from a carrier-neutral internet exchange operator. This new move by DE-CIX aims to meet the increased demand at data centres and internet exchanges for AI, IoT and cloud data, while expanding its long-standing Partner Program. With traditional wholesale partners and resellers included, the program will now incorporate a more expansive ecosystem, including Managed Service Providers (MSPs), technology suppliers, strategists, advisors, systems integrators and Telecom Service Brokers (TSBs).

According to research by Canalys, the potential revenue from AI-powered business opportunities for channel partners is expected to rise to $157 billion by 2028. The new R3 (R cubed) Partner Program, named for 'Resell, Refer, Reach', is designed specifically to help enterprise-facing partners capitalise on the growing connectivity needs of IoT, cloud and AI-based services.

The updated program expands the scope of the existing program's benefits considerably. Partners will benefit from preferential pricing across the entire DE-CIX portfolio, including new services like the Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS), the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service, and the highly scalable DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER, as well as virtual private point-to-point connections. DE-CIX has also devised a simplified scoring system that offers all partners an incentivised route to Premium Partner status, bringing additional advantages such as greater margin benefits, a personal partner manager, development funds and the opportunity to run joint campaigns.

DE-CIX's world-leading peering solution brings together an ecosystem of over 3,500 carriers, ISPs, cloud service providers, network operators, and enterprise networks. Companies in the realms of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), technology suppliers, strategists and advisors, Telecom Service Brokers (TSBs) and Systems Integrators can utilise DE-CIX's enterprise-grade services to enrich their portfolios. This could provide high-performance, low-latency, flexible, secure, and resilient connectivity that meets the demands of modern digitalisation.

"Secure and high-performance direct interconnection is key to unlocking greater economic potential for industries across the board," explained Mareike Jacobshagen, Head of Global Business Partner Program at DE-CIX. The DE-CIX interconnection and cloud connectivity services are designed to perfectly complement and enhance the existing portfolios of our partners, enriching network operators, internet service providers, MSPs, systems integrators, other enterprise-facing service providers. "Together with our valued partners, both from the traditional infrastructure sector and new sectors, we build unrivalled interconnection ecosystems that are used every day by networks, companies, and organisations around the globe to exchange data reliably, securely, and fast."

DE-CIX announced that alongside the new drive for enterprise-facing partners, they will continue nurturing their strong relationship with wholesale and reselling partners. The first eight DE-CIX Premium partners encompassing North America, Europe and Asia have been named as Arelion, Cancom, Core-Backbone, envia TEL, RETN, TelemaxX, Trk Telekom International, and V.tal.